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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Introducing Sam!

Well here's a picture of the newest addition to the Potter family. I would like to introduce you to Sam.
He's great! He's super affectionate. He follows Evan around like a puppy dog. Sam rubs up against Evan's legs and arms while Evan wants to play. He lets Evan know when he's petting him wrong with a little nip that doesn't leave even the tiniest scratch! Evan was actually getting frustrated when Sam was getting in his way while he was trying to play! It was sooo funny. I've posted more pics on face book if you want to go and have a look.
I did weigh in yesterday and was happy to see no gain and no loss. Well that's it for me today. Have a good hump day ladies.

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Annieann77 said...

K - I think this is a really big 'kitten' and it is going to be a HUGE cat ~ just look at the size of those paws!!! :o I looked at the pics on Facebook and it looks like Evan and Sam are best buds already!! How are the other animals!?

Glad to hear that even with having b-day cake your weight stayed the same!! ;)