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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Evan

Well ladies it's been a long weekend of no sleep. Our little boy has one dussy of a cold, or at least I hope it's just a cold. Just to be safe I've made him an appointment today with his Doctor.
He's been running a fever for about 3 days, Friday night it was just a little fever that I thought was just teething, by Saturday night it was a full out sweat fest. He's thrown up twice, once each night Sat and Sun. His nose is like a tap, dripping and dripping, oh and he keeps grabbing at his throat. The throat thing is what's got me the most worried. That's the main reason I've made him an appointment.
Yesterday he ate, pooped and generally did what Evan's do, today he will not eat, and he doesn't want to put cloths on!?! He's just not being himself, this scares me. He wouldn't let me put him down last night, I couldn't leave the room! Earl had to distract Evan with his Black Berry so I could just go pee! Crazy I tell ya.
His appointment is at 12:50, so I'm off to have a shower.
So here's hoping its just a nasty cold.
Hope you have a good Monday. Grrr Jordanna, I would much rather be in Dominican with you drinking fruity drinks!

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Annieann77 said...

Sorry to hear Evan isn't feeling very well!? Hopefully it's just a cold, make sure you let us know!! ((HUGS))