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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I woke up to poop!

Sunday morning we woke up to poop! Since it was my morning to sleep in Earl got up to get Evan b-fast and such. All I heard was Earl yelling "Evan, don't touch anything!" So I of course got up. When I walked into Evan's room I found poo! On his bedding, on his crib rails, on his stuffed animals. I'm thankful he didn't draw to much with it, we've all heard the horror stories of moms having to clean it up from the ceiling to the floor, I thankfully have a relatively clean son, so I didn't have to deal with that. So with this new development the thought of potty training has finally hit the front of my brain. I know it was coming, I knew I'd have to start dealing with the fact that Evan is growing up, my little baby is gone, and it's now time to start treating him like a bigger boy. So I've started the first steps to potty training.
We've now got pull ups instead of diapers. This serves two purposes.
1. We can start calling them big boy underwear, and pushing the "big boy" things.
2. He can't get them off as easy as a diaper so we avoid the whole "who flung dung" thing. Lol -the "who flung dung" saying came from Earl, not me. But I thought it was funny.
Oh but you can't just buy one type of pull ups. Nope, you gotta buy two! One for during the day- these let them feel when they're wet in order to get them uncomfortable so they feel the need to be changed and they don't want to feel it at all, which leads to wanting to use the potty so they don't have to feel gross and wet. Few, that was a lot of typing! The other type is basically the same idea only a little more absorbent so they last through the night.
Then we move on to the choice in pottys! OMG! I got one for him from sears that converts to a step stool and seat that fits on the toilette for later. But what about when your out and about? Well the lovely retail ppl have thought of that too. They have smaller seats that fold up so they fit into your bag for when you go out. If I knew this I would have spent the original money on just that one potty seat and step stool and used it at home too! GRRRR!
This potty training thing is harder then it seems. It's kind of scary actually. Like most things child related there is an over whelming amount of information. Which as a mom you have to wade through and find your own way. I've been looking for web sites and talking to other moms. But the bottom line is you have to teach them the vocab and get them sitting on the bloody thing. Again easier said then done.
I'm glad Evan is such a fast learner. He may not say the words, but he understands them. He already knows what his potty is, where it belongs (stays in the bathroom) and what it's used for. Now it's just getting him to actually sit on it for more then a couple of seconds. I guess I'm just going to have to keep at it.
I'll keep you updated.
On the weight front (which honestly has been at the back of my mind since the potty stuff has flouted to the front) I didn't weigh myself this week, to much going on. I've started working 3-4 shifts a week so that should help my battle of the bulge. Toon in next week for my Tubb of Tues report.
Oh and Biggest Loser! You go girls! Yahoo for the first female biggest loser!
Have a great Thursday ladies.

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