Total Goal

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday....YaaHoo!!!!

Well I worked really hard this week and it payed off. ( I had some smarties and a bite of banana bread at Danna's -bad me) I am now in Oneunderland!!!! Not much under the 200 mark but under non the less.

I am now at 199.7! lol.

I got some jeans from Leanne. Thanks girl. She gave me one pair of 16s and 2 pairs of 14. Guess what! I fit into the 14s!!!

Ten more pounds or so and I can say good bye to plus sizes! No more paying $35.00 for a V-neck t-shirt when the reg sizes have a price tag of only $20.00. This also means by Dec when I go to Cal I'll be able to shop in the same stores as my older/skinny sis! This has never happened before! I'm soooo excited!!!!!

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!


Annieann77 said...

YAH !!! - I'm so happy for you!!

Welcome to Onederland!! ;)

Isn't it crazy how they (society) feel the need to charge more for plus size clothes when the same thing in reg is on sale for half the price!? :P

Cory said...

Congrats! That is really awesome. Keep up the fantastick work!