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Friday, August 31, 2007

A busy couple of days.

Okay I know I'm not writing as much as I used to, but I feel like my days are shorter then before! Evan is such a handful!

Okay to catch you up on the going ons.

Wed-Long night with Evan Tues night. Earl was over at our friends house and Evan slipped on a stuffy and smacked his head on the kitchen cabinet. Needless to say a cut and a huge goose egg. Then I worked a hectic shift all by myself for 3 out of 4 hours. This would be fine except everyone and there dog wanted block! Heavy, energy robbing block to load. Most ppl are great about me being a girl, but some are just mean! I was exhausted. When I came home that night I found out Evan cut himself in the tub! On my shaver! Bad me for leaving it there, bad Earl for not noticing to remove it. There was lots of blood but Roo is A okay. He was more pissed about the huge adult sized band aid being on his thumb then the cut its self. Earl had to run and get liquid band-aid for Evan after I came home. He's fine from both incidents, but it was 2 long nights in a row.

Thurs-I took Brandin Andrea's 7 year old for the morning so she could go to court regarding custody. There was no way Brandin was going to sit in a waiting room till it was their turn on the docit so I did her the favor. Not to mention it was no place for him in case things got messy. I was happy to do it but between him and Evan it was an exhausting morning of chasing Evan at the park and eating pretend sand ice cream at Brandin's restaurant. Another nap was definitely in order. I got about an hour by the time Andrea came to pick up Brandin. Then, you guessed it another long night of loading block at work. Dam you ppl doesn't anyone by plants anymore!!!! Guess that season is over but still this block lifting stuff sucks! It better pay off on the scale this week or I'll be pissed!

Fri-okay then today! I went swimming with the girls -and their boys- at 930 this morning at Servus Place here in St A. This is our huge new leisure center. Its sooo cool there. There's to much to write about so you should check it out. I will say its great for babies and kids. Plus there is two huge hot tubs for the adults. Evan had a blast and so did I. I found out there is an indoor running track, a gym and child care!!!! Only 4 bucks an hour! Maybe this winter I'll take advantage of both, since work will physically slow down I may need to take some time away from Evan and use the gym. After swimming I came home and put Evan down for a much needed nap Then hoped in the shower. Washing one's hair after swimming doesn't happen with a 16 month old-trust me.

I love my new hair cut but it requires blow drying and straiting to look presentable. This takes an hour!!! I'm not used to that. So I've done that now, it's 1pm and I got 1 hour to have a nap before another night of block loading at work. I hope it's not too busy!

Well that's my catch up for the week. TTYL ladies.

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Annieann77 said...

wow -- Sounds like you had quite the busy week!! Poor Roo!! Funny how it all happens when Earl is watching him!! WTF !? Kick him in the butt for me will ya!?

When did you get your hair cut ? How short is it? I'll be out in St.Albert on Sat, maybe I'll give you a call!?