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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

As requested...Travel Tues..okay Wed


Jordanna and her parents decided to take an Eastern Caribbean cruse with Princess Cruise Lines. Princess is known for it's class, service and of course it's ships. Princess boasts some of the largest and most luxurious ships in the business. Their main clientele are mid to high class couples and families.
Picture order: 1. Fort Lauderdale Florida 2. American cup yachts in St Maarten 3. View from tram way-St Thomus US Virgin islands 4. Dunns waterfall Ocho Rio Jamaica. 5. Blue Iguana-Cayman Islands.
6. Chankanaab Natural Park-Cozumel Mexico
Fort Lauderdale/ Florida-this is the first stop and the place where one boards the cruise ship. Fort Lauderdale was first put on the map because of the cruise industry but there is some great stuff to do there if you have some extra time.
Anne Kolb Nature Center: 1500 are wetland and mangrove forest habitat. There are also Tidewater tours and boat tours there.
Billie Swamp Safari: located on Big Cypress Reservation this swamp buggy Eco tour or air boat tours. Come on you've seen this on TV. There is also an alligator and snake show.
Butterfly World: 1000's of live butterflies in 10 acres of waterfalls, orchids, roses and tropical gardens. Also home to fish and hummingbirds.
St Maarten/ Netherlands Antilles - this is a very interesting island. Half Dutch and half French! Dutch, French and English sailors gave this island their traditions. There is also a west African influence infused in the culture. The official language is dutch but English is spoken everywhere.
Philipsburg: the dutch side capital-sale the America's Cup Yachts, St Maarten Museum shows the local history.
St Maarten Zoological and Botanical Garden-Caribbean and South American Species such as the golden lion tamarian, brush dogs, speckled owls are worth seeing.
There is of course also fishing, horse back riding, hiking, diving and snorkeling.
St Thomus/ US Virgin Islands-Charlotte Amalie the capital combines natural beauty with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Great food, exciting nightlife and duty free shopping!!!
Coal World and Marine Park-on Coki Point on the northern shore. This park includes a underwater observatory tower, tropical nature trail, 80, 000 gallon coral reef tank, open air shark pool and a children's touch pool. Which is separate from the shark tank. lol
Paradise Point Tramway-takes visitors up to the 700 foot peak over the capital, offering a breath taking view of the island.
Mountain Top/ St Peter's Great house-Shows the recent history of the island. The estate and botanical gardens contains local art and 200 kinds of west Indian trees. Also enjoy the banana daiquiri offered here since the 1960's. mmmmm yummy!
Princes Kays-this is a 40 acre tropical paradise with miles of pristine white beaches. I can't tell you much about this privately owned island since it's owned by the cruise line for the use of it's cruise guests only. I can tell you it's situated in the Bahamas.
Ocho Rio/ Jamaica -this is a part of Jamaica that has been created for use by tourists. This is not the place to get a true feel for the culture but it is beautiful. Known for it's waterfalls Ocho Rio is full of shopping in its 6 plazas. They offer everything from duty free deals to local handy craft. If you really want some local are try the craft market down town. The most famous waterfall near by is Dunn's waterfall as pictured above, and yes you can swim in it!
Safari Tours-jeeps take you to White River for a breath taking river tub ride, or a hike if you are more interested in staying dry.
Prospect Plantation Tour-this is a tour of the oldest established and still working plantation. See sugar cane, bananas, avocado and pimento. There is also a new herb garden to see. Oh and your going to see lots of peacocks running around. Take this tour by horse back for a different experienced.
Grand Caymen/ Caymen Islands-South of Jamaica is the Caymen Islands. Actually their is only 2, one small and one large- the large one being Grand Caymen. This area is a diving mecca and the home to the rare blue iguana.
Pedro's castle-a landmark and said to be haunted. The island's first steps to democracy where made here.
Turtle Farm and Boatswain Beach-now rebuilt after Hurricane Michelle in 01 the farm and research center is a must see. There is both a fresh and salt water swimming lagoon, predator tank (which isn't for swimming lol), nature trails, and a fresh water touch pond. Lots of baby turtle to pet. lol
Rum Point - named ofter barrels of rum washed onto shore after a ship wreck. Eat great food and sip on yummy cocktails with your toes in the warm white sand. That's right, you eat on the beach-watch out for windy days or your food might get a little gritty.
Cozumel/ Mexico-this island is south and east of Cancun. The Mayans named it Cozumel which means land of swallows the indigenous bird that lives in abundance on the island. This island is a sport mecca! Golf, scuba, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and sailing are just some of the stuff to do there.
Chankanaab Natural Park- a must see, it's close to the cruise terminals so I'm sure it would be super easy to find. This park has unique beaches, a sea lion show, swimming with dolphins, a botanical and archaeological park, a breath taking jungle pond, saltwater lagoon, shopping and 2 beach front restaurants.
Well that wraps it up for a Jordanna's cruise outline. For those of you thinking of taking a cruise I high recommend it. For some the lack of time one each place sucks but for those of you that are unsure of any one place to visit this might be for you. You do get a quick taste of each destination so if you want to see more simply go back some day.
Like all places now (even the US, a passport is a must) as far as health issues, there are none, of course don't drink the local water in Mexico. But as far as on ship, go for it, enjoy the food, pool, disco, casino etc. Oh and if your going on a cruise remember to bring at least one fancy dress for the banquet dinner. I know it sucks to get all gussied up sometimes, but your going to want to experience it at least once.
Have a great day all!


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