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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The dog ate it...

Okay I had my travel Tuesday all done! I had all my points down on paper and all I had to do is type it up....Teacher Jordanna honest the dog ate it!!!!!
Actually Earl had the day off yesterday so I didn't even get my regular post done. So I guess your cruise outline will have to wait till later this week. I will do it for you, it's just going to be late.
So anyways, yesterday Earl and I did some running around. We went G-shopping and I gotta admit I was a bad girl. I bought myself some treats that I knew I shouldn't' have when my NS arrives. I didn't go crazy, just got some low fat pudding. (butterscotch-mmmmm-I've been craving it for a while now-no I'm not preggy I just have a sweet tooth.) I also got some of those rice cake chip things. Luvs them!!! So that's about it. On the health food side I decided to try some grape fruit. I haven't had any since my mom was around so I thought I would give it a try. Might be a change from the same old banana or apple.
We also bought some baby stuff. For the first time we bought Homo Milk. Since Evan could have been changed to it when he was 9 months. We decided to keep him on formula for the whole 12 month time frame. But our doc said to take it slow with milk, so now he gets formula in the morn-and before bed. Milk in a sippy cup the rest of the day. Cool! I only have 2 bottles a day to clean now! That's down from 4, which used to be 8 when he was a new born. We also got a little more baby food, just to make sure he's getting enough of the good stuff he needs till he turns the big 1 year. Also to make sure he have a back up plan in case what I make he doesn't want to eat. But all his desserts are now in finger food form. Canned peaches, pears, apple sauce etc. I'm so scared he wount be getting the balanced nutrition he needs. I don't even know how to feed myself a balanced diet (hence why I'm a fluffy girl) how will I ever let go of the baby food security blanket! I know I'm going to have to eventually. Earl says it's a lot of trying new foods. It's a good thing he's done this before!
I have also decided not to weigh in till the morning I start NS. I want to know where I'm starting, but I want some free days. Don't worry I'm not going to pig out on cookies. lol I'm going to keep to the healthy stuff most of the time, but also allow myself a treat. Butterscotch pudding. mmmmmm.
Well that's about it for me today. I'll get back to you on travel tues. I'm sure I could get it done for promises.


Annieann77 said...

You know the pudding might be fine to have on NS everyday - if it's low fat?! You should post the nutritional info on it and we can give you our 2 cents!? ;)

I can't wait till you start and you can post all the experiances you have with the food! It will definately bring back some memories. I know some people always schedule a "cheat day" I never actually scheduled one but I did have a few cheats now and then, like going out for b-day dinners and stuff. It's all up to you, I think Jordanna does scheduled cheat days - what ever works for you! You still have to live right!? Good luck ! :)

Annieann77 said...

Oh and P.S. -- I can't believe how tiny Evan is in that picture! WOW !! I forgot how little he used to be, they sure grow up fast hey!

Jordanna said...

what the hell...i was looking forward to my travel tuesday ya jerk! That's it, you can't come over tomorrow night anymore!!


I say take a few days off before your NS arrives - you deserve it...but then again I wouldn't take advice from me, I take too many days off already!!