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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Terrible News

I got a surprise call from Mrs D from jobies tonight. I was shocked and worried that something terrible had happened since it was unlike her to call me.
I was right, but it was regarding the last person in the world I thought of. Kim Grunheit was an older jobie, and some one I felt rather close too. She gave me my rose ceremony since my father was ABG and my mom was of course absent. I felt a special bond with her for some reason so it pains me to think about what she is going through right now. Not only because of our history but because of the unthinkable situation.
At the funeral I attended for Karen Kepart I got a short but wonderful chance to catch up with Kim. In the 20 minutes we talked she told me she had a 17 month old son. His name is Conner, and like me Kim forgot to bring the ever important picture. We both had a good chuckle about how we where horrible mothers for not having a million pictures of our pride and joy taking up space in our wallets.
Anyway, Mrs D told me that there had been an a terrible accident a couple of weeks ago while she was attending BC's grand session. Kim, her husband Jason, and Conner where all eating dinner. Conner was sitting in his booster seat and since he was done eating before his parents he was getting impatient. From what Mrs D tells me he was pushing on the table causing his chair to lean backward, and he fell, chair and all, causing a major head injury.
He was in the Stollery, now is in the Glenrose. He has had surgery to relieve the pressure on his little brain. He has now gone back to the development of a 4 month old and is blind. That, I'm afraid, is all I know.
To make maters worse Kim and her husband where accused of child abuse!!!!
As a new parent this scares the living day lights out of me. Not only the life changing fall, but the accusation!
I'm glad that they keep a close eye on the abuse situation, but where do they draw the line!
This is why I'm so scared of every little bruise Evan gets right before a Dr appointment. This isn't a joke, but a true and real fear.
I'm no longer close to Kim, but her situation has really hit home for me. I can't even imagine what she's feeling. My heart goes out to her, and all other moms tonight.
Sylvia Brown says that souls return to live out lives when times are relatively bad. It make sense considering we choose to come back to learn lessons for the betterment of our souls. With all the babies being born lately, and not just in our friendship group, but here in AB, it makes me truly wonder what we're in for.
Well, I guess we will see. Here's hoping that the baby boom we are seeing is just a product of our boosted economy. Sweet dreams everyone. We'll just have to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

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Annieann77 said...

wow - I got goose bumps reading your post today!!

We just saw Kim! I feel so bad for her, anytime a child has to go to the hospital always cause's me to worry (especially the Stollery - you know it's serious when they go there)!! One freak accident that changes her life forever!

Kinda makes you realize just how lucky you are!

My prayers are with Kim and her family! :( I sure hope her little boy gets better!