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Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's stroller time!

Well I watched the news last night and its supposed to get up to 10 over the weekend! WooHoo! I can get outside and walk with my baby. I'm hoping maybe the wind will calm down this afternoon so I can go out after dinner, but I guess we'll see.
Had a nice evening off at Jordanna's. Had some yummy vegi's she made to go with our NS dinners, watched some Top Model and Survivor, then came home to find my husband holding a very upset Evan. Again, didn't know what was wrong, but he stopped crying the instant I snatched him from his dad. He loves me! He just wanted his mommy I guess. I finished giving him the bottle his daddy started and he feel fast asleep in my arms. Its funny how that happens quite often with babies. I don't know whats wrong, bad dream, teeth, growing, gas, the "is mommy coming home again? I will never know I guess. So needless to say sleep not so much last night, so a nap today it is.
Well that's it for me, thrilling isn't it. lol. ttyl.

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