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Monday, March 19, 2007

Found some yucky food!

I know, I know, why am I thrilled to find NS food I don't like? Because things where just going to well for comfort.
I feel much better knowing that there are things I don't like. Weird I know, but true.
Ones I have found: (*)
Black bean with rice-OMG nasty, mud in a cup, pooh in a bowel, need I say more?
Orange Cranberry Pastry-Weird taste to start, then sand in the mouth as one chews, texture and taste all wrong. The sicker thing is Earl was eating a donut from timmies while I chocked down my own b-fast. Sucked! This is one of the items I thought I would really like.
Chicken Noodle Soup-Chicken, Vegis, Noodles, in Snot?!?! Bland to taste yet felt burning in my mouth half way through. But the worst was the texture a little to close to mucus for this girl.
If anyone would like to trade for the above items, I got one more of each. I'll take anything!
Threes I have found: (***)
Cheese Pizza: of course it was great! I added my own fresh mushrooms (I'm sure to Jordanna's dismay) and some oregano. I have to say I don't think it would have been pizza with just the cheese. The best part about it is I bought Earl some mini pizza for himself, so we could have the same thing for dinner. It was very nice, and he made it for me! I think I'll try some spinach as a topping next time.
Cheese Potato with broc: OMG so yummy!!! I made myself some broc for my dinner vegi, made the potatoes, I poured it over the broc. It was like have broc with cheese sauce, a whole bowel, as a meal! It was great. Light but filling. Which was good because my tummy was still a little queasy after the Black Beans and Rice experience.
Cinnamon G-Bar:Sweet, cinnamony, I can't believe its supposed to be b-fast.
Gram Choc Bar: same as above-feels sinfully like it should be a dessert.
On the non food related side my weekend was pretty good. I went over to Jordanna's with Evan on Sunday afternoon and she too experienced the full insanity of baby Evan gone wild. Sunday night Earl and I finally went swimming. Something I've been trying to implement for a few weeks now. We went to O'Leary pool since I had heard from a friend that they have a really great baby pool there. It was of course closed (because that is our luck!) but we went in anyway. We went into the bigger pool and swam around with him. He splished and splashed, smiled, laughed and kicked. Earl played with him while I got a few pool laps in. I went to the end and back 3 times. That is 6 laps in total. It's something I would love to do more often since I'm really feeling it's effects today.
Well tomorrow is weigh in day. I haven't suck to the program full tilt. But I have to give myself snaps for not having ice cream when Earl suggested we go after swimming. Ice cream is my fav food of all time! He got an Ice Cap instead, and I came home and had my caramel corn. Yah Me!! Anyway, I guess we will see how much those Timmies coffees cost me in the weight loss department.
Talk to you tomorrow!


Jordanna said...

The chicken noodle soup is one of my favorites. LOL - I can get over the slime factor personally.

Annieann77 said...

Glad to hear you are finding good foods as well as not so good ones! ;)

The black beans with rice is one of my favs and the chicken noodle soup too (although I do agree there is a slim factor with it).

It sounds like you had the potatoes for dinner? I'm not sure if you know but they are a lunch entree ? You could still have it for supper but you would have to add anouther protein to it !? I love love love the potatoes!

Sounds like you had a great time at the pool! I would also like to go swimming way more then I do now!?

I can't wait to hear how your weigh in goes! :)