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Friday, March 9, 2007

Almost walking on his own!!!

Okay so what am I going to do when Evan reads, writes, graduates, gets married! I'm so proud of him!! He walked 6 whole steps on his own! Not with the pass the baby game when there was some one to walk to, he just turned around and walked half way to his toy train! He was holding on to the couch, he looked around, he saw his train, he wanted his train, he figured out the fastest way to get what he wants is not to waist time and go down on his knees. So off he went, 6 steps, then down he went. But did he fuss? Nope. He just crawled the rest of the way. I guess the diapers are good for more then just catching a mess huh.
So that was my big news of the day.
Yesterday I did take a short walk with my new stroller. I would have been longer but every way I went I came upon impassible natural obstacles. You know rivers of melting snow, ice, puddles the size of Lake Eire. I got more of a work out pushing the stroller through the slush on the street then actually walking. So I had to come on home, it was just not enjoyable when you have to walk on the side of the road because every second person (on a main road) didn't shovel their sidewalk for the whole winter. As you can imagine walking on the road is not only unsafe but messy. I was so scared that a car would come speeding past and splash me either intentionally or otherwise. I can't wait for this white stuff to be gone!
I hate spring-it's messy, gross, dirty, and my allergies go crazy! But in order to get to the other seasons that are enjoyable one must deal with it.
Anyway that is my pointless rambling for the day. Have a good one! TGIF!!!!! Not that it matters since Earl is off today. Long weekend for him! Long weekend for me!


Jordanna said...

Come on Denise - be a wilderness woman, put on your hiking boots and walk it up!! Hee hee

Ahhh I'm so proud of Evan, I can't believe he's walking. I have to come see!!

Annieann77 said...

WTG - give me a E... give me a V ... give me a A ... give me a N ... what do you got?? A walking Evan !! YAH !! :) Say goodbye to sitting on the couch - now he is going to be on the go non-stop! Good luck with that! ;) I get tired just thinking about it! LOL

Annieann77 said...

Oh- and BTW Denise ... since you never had any problems in this department you never needed to learn the lingo.

TTC = Trying to conceive!

I wish I never had to learn this lingo! :)