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Friday, March 16, 2007

G-shopping on my own!

Since I was so busy with fun Danna stuff this week, we didn't get G-shopping. So I'm on my own today at Superstore. I'm planning on looking for some good stuff not only for me but for Evan too. After talking to my sister, she suggested getting lunch meat, mac and cheese, and hot dogs. I'm a little undecided about that, I'll have to see if there is some "all beef" ones or something. But then again, I have my turkey dogs, so Earl and Evan can have theirs and I'll have mine.
I was also thinking of taking a drive across the city to hand in my resignation letter for the hotel. It's so hard to believe it's been a year! I was supposed to go back there on the 25 of this month. I have decided the drive and how much I make are not worth putting Evan in child care. So I'm going to apply at Reitmens part time in the evenings. Not only would that solve the child care issue, but then we get discounts ladies!!!!!!!! And in size plus to skinny! lol
So I'm looking forward to it.
Well that's all for today! See you Monday.

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