Total Goal

Friday, February 16, 2007

Good morning everyone!

I'm feeling much better today, sleep wise anyway.

Evan slept from 1am till 8 this morning. It was great to get some sleep. Hopefully his teething is feeling better for now...until the next time. He has 2 bottom teeth, only 10 more to go, poor little guy.

Last evening I had such a good time. Earl came home and said go! So I gave Jordanna a call and we went out for dinner! It was sooo great! I could eat my dinner and chat it up with out worrying about toys dropping on the floor. I had the chicken, bacon sandwich with a side salad. Okay so it was a Cesar salad, but what ever. We talked for what seemed like minutes, but it was really almost 2 hours! Then we went to Home Depot and got some light fixtures for Jordanna's surprise project! I never would have thought I would be in Home Depot with Jordanna. We used to go to Rona but that was more so she could check out Dustin who worked there at the time. lol. We also had to pick up some Nuts and Bolts for her new head board. "Nuts" lol. Good times.

We of course then got down to some survivor watching. During the commercials we moved a book shelf and got things pretty much to completion. I'm so happy you feel better now girl! Dustin's going to be surprised and happy too, I just know it.

Survivor Talk

Well the human spirit is sure taking a beating on the poor camp. They haven't had water in 4 days! They where licking leaves because they had dew on them!! That would suck!!! As far as my questions on yesterdays post, they remain unanswered. The switching of the camps isn't answered because the team on the bad camp lost the challenge. It my be used as a twist later I'm sure. Either this season or maybe the next. They where doing really well, they where even beating the other team. Then they stopped working together and one girl started to freak! Needless to say she was the one voted out that night. She blew it and now she's out. She was kind of a snot anyway.

That's about it for me today. TGIF. Sunday Amazing Race All Stars Starts @ 8:00pm.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!


Annieann77 said...

Glad to hear that little Evan is feeling a bit better (for now) and that you got to have a good night's sleep!

I'm glad Earl let you go out for the night and have some well deserved Denise time! ;)

I wasn't able to watch Survior because it was bowling night but I am totally looking forward to Amazing Race!!

I think you still might need a little more sleep though!? Cause unless your talking about something I don't know about I think you wanted to say TGIF?! Not TGFI ?? LOL

Your funny ! "nuts" LMAO!!

Jordanna said...

Denise, thanks for all your help - Dustin loved his new bedroom!! (and his gaming room lol)

hee hee you said nuts