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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sooo tired!

Its going to be a very short post today.
Evan kept me up for hours last night.
He went down at 8pm and didn't wake up for his midnight feeding. Usually that means he's done for the night. Not last night! He was up at 3am! He hasn't done this since he was about 6 months old. But at least then he would have his bottle and pass out again. Max 20 and I was back in bed. Not last night, he didn't want to go back to sleep. He must be growing, or teething or something. Not too sure what was wrong. I just know that I am sooo tired.

I do however have a quick note.
For those of you looking for some muscle toning I found a great DVD. I found it at Walmart of course, its called ultimate 20 minute workouts-Target Total Body. I believe there is a Target Abs and Target Butt one too, but I figured i need work just about every where. It does require an exercise mat which I found for about $14. The DVD cost was$10. Its in a green case. I tried it after I but Evan down last night. I definitely felt it, but I don't feel overly sore today which is nice. I found the moves easy, the instructor Amy Brown was soft spoken but upbeat. Its a Pilates inspired work out DVD, with two 20 min work outs and two 10 min stretch segments. I did both the 20 work outs last night. I was sweating quit a bit so I counted it as Moderate exercise and gained 3 exercise points. I've tried a lot of work out tapes/DVD's over the years and I found this one to be great. The fact that its only 20 min is great, but let me tell ya when your holding some of the moves it feels like forever, then its over and you move on. I hope you invest the $24 bucks and give it a try.

Okay I'm going to go have a nap now, Luv Ya!


Annieann77 said...

I am looking for some toning type DVD's ! ;) I think I have heard people recommend this one before, I think I will give it a try too!
Thanks for the advice! :)

Jordanna said...

sounds like hard work to me...

Jordanna said...

Don't chop your arms off just to win a contest hee'll probably beat us on the next one, you just started late is all!!