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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A new bathing suit-YIKES!

Leanne asked Earl if we would like to go swimming with her at the WEM water park on Sunday. He came down the stairs and asked me if I wanted to go swimming really early. I said why so we have to go early, then it clicked, Leanne is going to WEM on Sunday. I said of course I want to go, but I need to find a bathing suit. No big deal right? right.....

So off we went to Kingsway Mall. We where going there anyway (its a long story) so me and Evan tagged along. We had dinner at Smitty's which is another point I'll bring up later. Then we went to the fat kid clothing store. I was flabbergasted! $100 for a swim suit! WTF! Just because we are fat, just so that we can feel as good as humanly possible in a bathing suit they feel the need to charge $100!!!! That's crap! But I know I will have to pay it, mostly so that I don't have to go to a skinny swim wear store and look lovingly at the tinny winy yellow polka dot bikini. Then another thought hits me, I have to wear a bathing suit! In public! Not just in someones private hot tub. Well that sucks too.

But I really want to go. I know they have done some renos there and I really want to see them. So I'm hoping the fact that I'm with 10 month old will help to explain the fat factor. I'm also not going to let being fluffy stop me from doing the things that I want. It's not like I'm that huge right. I'm small enough to ride on the water slides, I know I will not get stuck and they will have to call 911. The inner tub ride might be a different story. lol. So I"m going to find a bathing suit, and go on Sunday. I'm going to sit by now sexy and skinny Leanne (you rock girl) and be proud of who I am. I'm going to enjoy watching Evan play in the waves and take lots of pictures. I'm going to pay the $100 and feel good about myself and how I didn't have to feel I had to fit into the skinny yellow bikini.

Oh ya Smitty's. We went to eat there so I thought okay, I'll look up the points for what ever I eat on the web site when I get home. It's a huge chain, so I figured the information I needed would be there. So I had the veggi Quesadillas off their "healthy menu" and went on with my night. Upon returning home and putting Evan to bed, I went on the net to find the info. I was shocked to find it not there! I've written an email to the pres of Smitty's launching my complaint. I wounder if they will actually answer me. So anyways, all you WW members Smitty's is out! A cornerstone of family restaurants is out! So needless to say I'm back at day one.

Survivor count down 1 day- 2 if you count tomorrow!


Annieann77 said...

I remember the last time I shopped for a bathing suit and I was also blown away by the price tag! AND the stupid strap on it isn't even sewn properly! I think it is BS that they can charge that much for a piece of clothing that you don't even get to wear that often! Just like a wedding dress! ;) But I am super happy to hear that you are coming! YAH!! :)

In regards to your nutrition value problem ... I think it should be law that if a buisness is going to claim one of their items on the menu is "healthy" they should be required to put all the nutritional info ON the menu - right under the description of the meal! I think if you are ordering off the healthy menu then you are clearly trying to watch what you eat!?

Jordanna said...

bathing suit shopping is the WORST. I did find a cute bathing suit in the states light blue with red cherries on it and red piping...i bet it doesn't fit anymore..which I guess is a good thing, but that means I'll have to go bathing suit shopping again..bleh