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Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday (thanks ladies)

Well so far no more piglet!!!!

Thank you for all the support ladies.

Well it's Monday and I lost another pound. I'm feeling rather unmotivated lately. I think it's because I know I'm going on NS very soon and I want to get the good eats in now. I had McDonalds on Fri night mostly because I didn't want to cook yet again. This being Susy Home Maker is getting old, I can tell I only have just over a month of mat leave left. Anyway back to the McDonalds, it wasn't very good, it was gross actually. I didn't eat Mc D's very often anyway, but I got my self all worked up on how great it was going to be. It wasn't satisfying at all!!! I should have insisted we get pizza.

Weekly Overview:

flex points left: 5

ex points: 16

Well that's about all for me today. Thanks again for your support. Have a good one!


Annieann77 said...

Im in for pizza! ;) he he I can't wait till you start NS!! Some recommendations .....

**I would stay away from any "chicken breast" meals - it's not real chicken (more like spam) If you want chicken I would grill boneless/ skinless breasts.

**Alot of people don't like the "cup-o-soup" meals - some are really good but you need to make sure you stir the crap out of them! ;)

**Personally I don't really care for too many of the beef meals either?! I recommend ....
Ravioli, pizza, burger, chili. (Some of my fav's)

Congrats on your loss!! :) Keep up the good work!

Jordanna said...

I recommend you try almost everything at least once - unless you know for a FACT you won't like it (like me with the mushroomy dishes)

It surprises me everytime the difference in what people like and don't like. Leanne and I have completely different taste in the NS foods.

Some of the classics are:

Thin Crust Pizza
Meatballs and Ravioli
Breakfast Bars
Chocolate Crunch bar
BBQ Soy Chips
Cream of Broccoli Soup
any of the canned soups...

Hee hee I could go on and on

Cory said...

Congrats on the loss! That's fantastic!