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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Will you be my Valentine?


Isn't it funny how a holiday known for love and relationships was celebrated more when we had no idea what relationships where.

We would make our valentine heart pockets and tape them to the front of our desks or to the wall under the black board. We spent hours filling out those little cards, sprinkled with punny messages and cartoon characters. We would fill our classmates pockets with them, and then open them today, on valentines day. Now as adults when V-day should be a night for a romantic dinner, it is virtually ignored. At least for Earl and I. Oh, don't get me wrong, we say the Happy Valentines Day stuff, but there is no gushing, or flowers or God forbid candy. (too many points anyway) I certainly don't need yet another red teddy bear with hearts on it. Oh well, I guess we (Earl and I) will just leave this holiday to the children, teenagers, and lovers still in the warm and fuzzy stage of their relationship.

But despite what Earl and I do for our V-day, I hope yours is lovely. I know I'll enjoy the Grocery shopping planned for my V day out. lol.

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Jordanna said...

lol, I just finished my post and then came and read yours...funny