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Monday, February 12, 2007

Travel Tuesday!


4 main areas

Greece is county rich in culture and pride. It has a long history, of scholars, war, beauty and arts. It has also seen it's far share of natural disasters. The history, like most European countries is way to long to get into, but please knowthat it has had a huge influence on the culture and people. They take pride in their strengths as a country that has survived many wars, disease and natural disasters. The Greek people in the last two centuries are just now getting into the tourism game with an open heart and mind. The younger Greeks are of course getting used to the hustle and bustle of the tourist season, but many of the older set look upon it with their heads shacking. So while there try to remember that the country still has a strong faith in the Greek Orthodox Church, so unless your on the beach put a T-shirt over the bikini top!

Geography: The main land is a large peninsula in the Mediterranean sea , surrounded by many smaller islands stretching east to Turkey.
Four Major Parts: There are four major parts of Greece to consider when traveling. There is of course much more to see, but to save my typing fingers I thought I would just outline the basics.
Athens: The capital city! Boasts the finest collection of Greek antiquities int he National Archaeological Museum, the Tower of the Winds which is an intriguing octagonal shaped ruin. Of course there is also the Herodes Atticus Theatre as photographed above (1st pic) it is still used for classical music concert during a festival there once a year.
Mykonos: A large island it is the picture perfect setting. This is the area most known and photographed. Its bright white architecture and clear blue waters is what draws tourists by the thousands. There are many beaches and windmills. This is the place to sit and relax! (2nd pic)
Rhodes: Another island, this one closer to the Turkish border. The main sight on this island is another ruin. Its huge!!! It was used as the summer home to Mussolini! (3rd pic)
Santorini: The home of the black beaches. (4th pic) This small island just of the coast of the main land is the sight of a ancient volcanic eruption. Imagine a whole island that looks like it was dipped in oil and water! All the rainbow swirls and odd shaped rocks make Santorini an interesting and beautiful place to see. Not to mention the wine, this is the area of Greece that produces some of the worlds most famous wines.
What You will need: Simple, a valid passport. No travel visa needed. But if your planning on traveling to any of the neighbors you may need to check on it. The countries around Greece are always changing the rules.
Well that's about it for Greece! This destination is one close to my heart. Meaning I really want to go there!!!! One of the main reasons is ruins, I find all ruins fascinating! But I also want to ride around on a scooter in a foreign country, that's right I said scooters, they are for rent everywhere in Greece!


Annieann77 said...

he he -- You on a scooter, that's funny! ;) Sounds pretty interesting and lots to see. I think you would need more then 2 weeks to appreciate Greece and see it all!

Cory said...

I would LOVE to visit Greece. It's one of the countries in Europe that interests me. I think it's the long history that gets me. I hope you get to go there sometime!