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Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday (Looking Back on the Week)

Well 2 more pounds down, to many more to go.

But I have even better news. At the end of the month I am joining NS! Earl was on the maybe/ we will see thing. I said "that's fine, if you want to work on paying of the debt load first, that means both of us. You can't get what you want, if I can't." He went up stairs to the computer room. 25 min later, he came down and said "you can join NS because I just bought a flat panel computer monitor." I said "GREAT!" An eye for and eye, its only fair. So end of the month, two more weeks of this point counting crap!!!!

Well, yesterday was a good TV day. I watched the Westminster Dog Show, as I do every year. I love to watch all the dogs, and it's educational too. Next on my TV agenda was Amazing Race. WTF! Rob and Amber this, Rob and Amber that. I watched those two fall in love on Survivor a couple of years ago. Rob annoyed me then, and he annoys me now! Oh don't get me wrong, I think he's smart. But after watching them make out on Survivor, I didn't want to watch it again. They already have a Mil, why in Gods name do they need another Mil. On a good point I am eager to see if they will ever fight! Here's hoping they aren't the perfect reality TV couple. I'd like to see some drama. Next was the Apprentice LA. Which was good as per usual. Now my TV watching comes to an end till Tues at 8-Gilmore Girls.

Well I think that's about it. Tune in tomorrow for travel Tuesday.

Weekly Over view:

  • Flex points left=10
  • Ex points = 16


Annieann77 said...

Congrats on loosing 2lbs!! That's awesome and congrats on telling Earl how things are going to be! ;) We will help you through NS, any questions I'm sure either me or Jordanna can answer them for you!

I couldn't agree with you more about Rob & Amber, I said to Mike, they better not be on this show very long or I might stop watching! LOL I wouldn't but WTH ? Do they really need to be on every reality show out there!? Flip! I'm afraid they will be there till the end, they seem to be the strongest team!?

Piglet said...
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