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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Evan is teething again! He woke me up at 12 mid, and at 3am. The 12 mid was for his feeding that he still wants about 4 times a week. He goes back to sleep pretty easily after his tank is full again. But the 3am wake up, my God! He had me up till 5am! He was being a snuggle bug, every time I thought he was out enough to put back in his crib, his eyes would pop wide open as soon as I moved, and he would cry. Oh well its just one of the many joys of motherhood. lol. At least he wants me. I think I will be more hurt when he some day doesn't want my comfort. So for now I'll have to enjoy it in all my tiredness. Its actually quite peaceful at night sometimes. The house is quite, he's quietly snuggled up in my arms, the dogs are at my feet. Its nice sometimes. Other times it sucks. Like if you had that peaceful night the night before and now your just bloody tired. lol. So I'm going to finish my post quickly and go for a nap!!!!
On another note, its survivor night!!!! I'm going to go to Jordanna's for a few hours away from my boys. Looking forward to seeing the first challenge with the two tribes living in their respective camps. Will the group that have all the good stuff win because they are better rested, feed and clean? Or will the human spirit ring stronger then the physical needs. I guess we will see. Another question I have is are they competing to stay in the good camp? If the other team loses do they have to move to the crappy island? I'm hoping that question will be answered tonight.
Have a great evening everyone!


Annieann77 said...

The teething thing sucks, not that I would know much about that but I could imagine! LOL At least you can still have quick naps during the day and you don't have to get up and go to work all day! ;)

Hopefully someday soon I will be able to share baby stories with you!

Jordanna said...

Survivor time!! Woohoooooo.

I love when Evan is melts my heart.