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Saturday, February 10, 2007


I got one comment about my Fiji information yesterday and I thought I would answer the questions.
Question: Does Fiji have any dangers-bugs that sort of thing?
Answer: Of course there is bugs! And fish, and crabs to pinch you, coral to cut your feet etc. This was not information I knew off heart from collage so I felt the need to look it up. The only thing I could find was a couple of blogs about personal trips. The only thing I could really find was about the coral and fish etc. I looked up any immunizations one would need to get before leaving to Fiji. I found only that your regular childhood vaccinations should be up to date. No Malaria, no Yellow Fever etc, etc.
Question: Can you drink the water?
Answer: Heck Ya! Fiji has one of the most healthy water supplies in the world! Its supposed to have natural minerals in it that are uber good for you. The country even bottles it and sells it here in North America. Eg: Fiji Water sold in the USA. On survivor they are told to boil it but like most water taken from the ground there are creepy crawlers. The tap water in the hotels is of course treated. So unless your planning on being out camping on one of the remote islands drinking the water out of the tap is fine.
The only other thing I could find is several complaints about the amount of western tourists, western meaning Aussies and New Zealanders. Large families of them. These people of course where in the main cities, where tourism runs rampant. Although the hotels are still small, but most boast a 4-5 star rating. I suggest if your going to go anywhere in this unpredictable world to seek out the services of a travel agent. Not only is it safer but they will guarantee your trip, if it's not what you where expecting you have some one to blame. Not to mention a professional to handle your complaint and take it up with the company on your behalf.
From the comment I received I was given the idea to have Travel Tuesdays. I'll pick a destination, I'll try to make it a weird one, and I'll give you some info! So next Tues look for some fun info on an interesting place.


Jordanna said...

I have your travel books at my place...if you're nice I might give them back

Annieann77 said...

Thanks for the info! ;)

I would like to know a little more about Egypt and Greece if your looking for ideas! LOL