Total Goal

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well it official I'm now off for a month!!!! Yaaahoooo!!!!! No more smelly poinsettia fish gooo, no more being board and lonely, no more blowing dirt out of my nose when I get home! Well for a month anyway. I'm looking forward to leaving now more then ever, but I have an endless list of stuff to do before that happens:

- do laundry for all three of us
- go visit Cindy and give her the key, an orchid I bought last night as a gift, and go through the baby cloths I lent her and keep what I want to keep. I'm super excited about giving her the orchid, its one I've never seen in the green house before. Its got like a million smaller blooms. In a dark choc brown, white and yellow colour. I know she wont have anything like it in her collection. I can't wait to give it to her, hopefully tonight she's free.
- clean the house, I hate coming home after a trip to a dirty house. Coming home to a clean one that I can relax in makes coming home even better then leaving it. lol
- pack us up of course. This may seem like a simple task to you but with an Evan its so much more work! I found out the hard way when we went to Lethbridge that if you forget something your F'ed! I have to pack his play pen, cloths, blankets, Mobile music thing, toys, DVDs, diapers, wipes, bum creams, bath stuff, sippy cups! OMG it never ends!!!! Who ever said it gets easier as they get older was lieing!!! When he was a new born he slept toys where not an issue! OMG do I miss those days. lol.
- Tomorrow night we have to go pick up my contacts at WEM, a poinsettia as a gift for my dad...Booooo, down with goo! Then go over to my dads to pick up some stuff to haul down to my sister. He has some gifts, and some family items he wants to get out of the house before you know who gives them to her kids. Bitch! Those things have nothing to do with u!!!! Grrrrrrr it makes me so mad!!!

There's a bunch of other stuff too but those are the highlights. I wont bore you with all of it.

I got the first NS order in a few months yesterday. I have to say I love their new packaging! It's the same food from what I can tell so far, but all the packaging is colour coded by meal time! Eg Pink and white for dessert, green and white for lunch etc. It was so much easier to put away! Not to mention it looks so much prettier in the cupboard. lol. Since it was a new menu they of course snuck some of the new menu items into my order. I decided to try one of the honey mustered pretzel snacks last night when I got home from work. I usually hate honey mustered something about mustered and sweet bugs me, but it was super yummy!!!! I was pleasantly surprised! I'm truly hoping my body as passed it's platue I'm planning to sticking as close to the diet as possible while in Cal. I'm bringing some of my easy to pack stuff with me, the snacks, and bars, that sort of thing. I have the stuff I may as well eat it. Don't get me wrong I'm planning on having a good time, but there is moderation. I don't want to ruin all my hard work for the last year on a two week vacation. I will however be taking advantage of the free buffet at Disney land! Seconds? why yes. Dessert? x2? yes I'm in! lol.

Well I think I've rambled on enough for today. Have a good one ladies!


Jordanna said...

you're goin to Disneyland - me soooo jealous!!

You're gonna have the best time.

Annieann77 said...

Wow - sounds like you have quite a bit to do before you go!?

I think I will check out the NS website and see the new look!? It's been a while since I've been on it and now I am curious!? ;)