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Monday, November 5, 2007


Remind me never to move to Lethbridge! Its way to windy!

Well all in all the trip was okay, I mean we where going down for a funeral. Evan refused to sleep the whole way down, and since we where in a new place he didn't want to sleep in the hotel either. By 9pm I was done, my temper was shot, so I went swimming while Earl tryed for an hour to get him to sleep. I had forgotten his mobile music which I think had a whole lot to do with the situation. I also forgot his night lite. Oh well I'll remember for the Cal trip that's for sure. He was so exosted, his eyes where so red, and he would run then fall to his knees and lay down for 2 seconds then back up he went. At 10 when I was finished swimming and I came back up to the room, he was still up! So we decided to put him back in his car seat and find Walmart for a night light and mobile/ music box. He was out cold as soon as we where 3 blocks from the hotel. We did find Walmart and picked up the items we needed just in case he woke up during transfer from the van. When we got back to the hotel he did wake up. We plugged in the night light and I layed him down with me and he finally slept for the rest of the night. It was 11:30 at this point. Since he went to bed so late he slept in so we missed the continental b-fast that was included in our room rate. We ended up at Smittys instead. Oh well lesson learned. We knew there would be some kinks this trip, it's a good thing we found out now instead of in Dec.

We went to the service, he was quite since we kept him distracted as much as possible. After the service we just let him run! Most of the family took turns just following him around, up and down stairs, across huge expanses of floor, and through every door in the place. Needless to say he was out before we hit the highway on the way home. He slept for about an hour and a half. He only got cranky when he got hungry around Airdree then when we hit the Edmonton city limits. Other then that the ride home was way more stress free. He was clearly happy to be home when we rolled into the driveway. But he also went to bed without a fuss, you could see the sigh of relief when we put him down in his own bed.

I can tell from this trip the the first day to Cal will be hell, then after that we should be much better, as long as we let him burn off his energy for an hour or two every day. Thank God for our van's DVD, for his benefit and mine! lol

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