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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well I stepped on the scale and was relieved to see 192.2. This puts me under my lowest weight (before AF) with a loss of .2. I'll take it! I'm not going to bother measuring today, I'm sure the numbers are the same.

Sorry I haven't been writing a lot, Evan has been a real handful. He's waking up at night which means I need a nap before work. He's also been rather snugly lately. God forbid I leave him on the other side of the gate to play while I type. I think he's been getting over a cold or teething and growing, I guess that's what kids do. Work has also been super busy, X-mas stuff, a plant delivery and getting ready for inventory has kept us jumping!

Did you know that poinsettias get a white goo if they get water droplets on them? Yup! It's really disgusting! So all the poinsettias have to be watered by hand! It takes forever. It's only Nov and we have 10 carts of them. All different sizes. I also have to say that poinsettias in large numbers stink! Just thought I would let you know. Never fill your house with them, the official x-mas foliage should be bought in moderation. To bad they look so nice in large groups. Not to mention they are poisonous to your pets, so watch out if your kittys and puppys like to eat your house plants. The odds of them dieing are slim to none, they would have to eat a whole huge plant. But a little bit for a small animal could upset there tummies and you may have a mess to clean up. Opt for a x-mas (zyco) cacti instead. They last for years, are very hardy, and they bloom in the winter! I know I want one.

On Thursday night I went to a Close to My Heart show, it was a last minute thing. I knew Vicky was holding it, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go. When Jordanna told me we would be making an x-mas card, I figured I'd go. I hate the ones where you make the first page in a scrap book, I always take pics I have replacements for, My pages always seem to get lost or damaged. I hate that! Not to mention I wasn't overly impressed with the other scrapbook home shows before. I didn't like the style or price of the supplies. This show however was different! I loved their stuff. It was reasonably priced for the quality of product, the product looked classy and not cheap, and it left room to mix and match other product with their stuff. No special page holders for their albums etc. Check out the website!

Pay attention to the stamps, they are sooooo cool! I'm hoping to have a show in Jan. So I'm afraid I'll have to make another first page that will never be in an album. Time to brake out the doubles I guess. The page never matches the product you want to buy since the consultant provides the materials. I do want to use their scrap booking product before I buy it so I guess it just has to be done. Maybe this company is different, maybe we get a paper choice? I guess I'll see. I've always wanted to scrape book but I found it overwhelming, and expensive. I guess I'm ready to invest now that I've found a company I like.

Well that's all for me. Have a good Tues Ladies!

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Annieann77 said...

Hey - congrats on your weight loss! You're gonna be one sexy momma for x-mas/ new years parties! ;)

Danna was telling me about that scrapbook place too and I said I was interested in checking it out too so if you have a party make sure I'm on your list! :) Sounds like it is really neat stuff?!

Hopefully we will see you soon? When are you leaving and coming home? Will you be here for Boxing Day!? I hope so - it would be nice to see you! :)