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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pets! Grrrr!

Okay so we got these stupid fish for Earls Birthday as you all know. We have the two tanks, the big one 30 gal in the living room and a small 10 gal down stairs here in the office.

All of a sudden Kess our girl dog has noticed the things swimming around in there! At first it was just the small tank since its down a little lower to the floor then the big one. She hops up to look and trys to bit the glass! Silly dog. She wines and fusses constantly. I noticed this morning after I feed the fish b-fast that she's noticed the big tank too! I hope she'll get used to them, or else every meal will be interrupted by her constant fussing!

We thought the cat would be the problem. That's why we made sure the cover on both tanks would support his fatness. Aren't cats supposed to like to eat fish! Not dogs!

Oh well I guess we will deal. If it continues I'm x'ing the fish!

I was looking for my glue gun yesterday and came across my old food journal. I started trying to lose weight 3 months after Evan was born. I watched what I was eating and used information from Weight Watchers. I used the points as if I was going to the meetings and weighed in every week. My first weigh in was on July 7th! I couldn't believe how much it was, I weighted 266 pounds! Granted that was on my old crappy scale but still it wasn't that far off! So if you subtract me current weight from that I've lost a total of 74 pounds! OMG! Now I don't feel so bad about lieing to get goal bear. I really have lost those extra 20 pounds. Not that I'm lieing yet, but the day will come when I've reached the 170 mark and I'm going to fudge my numbers a little.

Well that's it for me today! Luv ya ladies! Have a good Thursday.

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