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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well I've almost completed one thing on my "to do" list. It was a big one! Decorate the house for Christmas! Earl and I went out last night and went a little crazy, we bought some xmas village stuff to fill in the weird box hole on top of our fire place. I loved the village stuff at work, so we went ahead and did it. The funny thing is, it was Earl who said he wanted to do it, so we agreed and did it! We got the ski lodge, cathedral, a car sales building, a post office, and my personal fav the ornament shop, we also got some trees and bridges and figures and stuff. I also got a garland and lights for the fire place mantel. I think it looks fantastic! I love it! We decided to put the Xmas tree upstairs in the living room to allow more space and keep Evan fingers away from it. Next year it will go down stairs. But I think I'll still want one upstairs so it can be in the front window of the house. I love when ppl do that, it looks so pretty. I also got a super cute wreath for the front door, which is something I wanted to do ages ago. I would like to switch one out for every season. Call me girly but I like the way a wreath looks on a door, it's welcoming!

So that's about it for me today. I got more accomplished then I thought I would last night. Maybe we won't need a baby sitter on Sat. Evan was really good last night, we went to Canadian Tire and 2 Ronas! Having the car carts with steering wheels seems to help, if only Walmart had car carts!

Have a good one ladies!

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