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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I was at first not going to bother dressing Evan up since we aren't really giving out candy this year. Since we have Earl's Grampa's service this weekend it was either give out candy or stay in a hotel. We picked the staying in a hotel for the night in Lethbridge so we wouldn't have to rush and drive there and back (10 total hours) in one day. So where turning off all the lights and taking off to make our rounds with Evan. Grama and Gramps house here in Akins, Mike and Leanne's, and who knows where else. I'm planning on picking up a costume of some kind after Evan wakes up from his nap. I hope they are on clearance already, that would be great!

So I called make my hair appointment at my regular salon here in St A. I left a message on the answering machine on Mon. When I didn't hear from the Mattar family, (they own the salon and I went to Jobies with their daughters) I figured something was going on. She usually calls me back with in the hour. So yesterday I called again. Sure enough something was going on! They where in the process of moving to bc! Kelowna to be exact. Whats with everyone moving! That's the second family moving to bc, both I know from jobies! Anyway the Dad was still around and he filled me in on everything going on. All three daughters moved with them. The mom was already there with them. Today was his last day, he's flying out tonight to join them. They've sold everything but one condo which they are renting out, just in case. The things sold include the salon! So my hair was done by some one other then one of the Mattars for the first time in over 8 years. As you can imagine I was a little nerves. The young lady of 25 that bought this small but well astonished business was great! She was friendly, talkative, and did a great job on my hair and Evan's!. So despite the change I'll still be loyal Salon Perron customer.

Hope everything is well your in worlds. See you tonight Leanne! Around 8?


Jordanna said...
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Jordanna said...

I have candy and pumpkins...