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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Treadmill stuff

Well I did it. I went on my treadmill last night after Evan went to bed. I was shocked at how fast I wanted to and could go. I was only on it for 35 min but I was walking between 3 and 3.5 and I even worked my way up to a jog at 4.5! I jogged! I've never jogged! I was listening to my tunes and a good song came on, I just felt like going faster! Needless to say I was sweating like crazy which is of course good. In total I burned 151 cals! Cool! I stopped after 35 min because I didn't want to push myself to the point of never wanting to do it again. I figured 5 min total of jogging for the first time was enough. I'm also surprisingly not sore this morning. I work tonight and I believe we're getting a tropical plant order, so there will be lots of lifting involved. It hasn't been overly busy lately but I don't want to be too tired tonight. I've decided to not work out on he days I work since I never know how physical my shift will be. If its not to physical the day before I'll exercise for longer on my days off.

Well that's it from the now jogger. lol

Have a good one ladies!

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Annieann77 said...

Yahoo for jogging!! Things are going to get easier for you now that you are almost 44lbs lighter then before! Just think ... that would be like carring around 4 ten pound bags of potatoes! Now I'm no sure if you have ever tried to lift a 10lb bag of potatoes but they are freaken heavy!! Congrats to your non-scale victory!! Keep it up - you're doing awesome!! :) Luv Ya - see you Sat!