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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby Talk

Okay so Evan's shots went pretty good last night. He got them in his arms this time "thank God" which ment I didn't have to struggle with him half naked. The first shot there was barely a wimper! The second there was a small amount of tears, I would say not even 2 seconds worth. He hugged me then turned to the nurse with a smile! As if to say "I know you didn't mean to hurt me. You where doing what you had to do." lol. Then he ran over to dad, grabbed his car keys and continued to try and unlock the cupboards he was detirmaned to get into earlier.

There was also the usule questions about his development. Talking came up which I have to say I've been a little worried about. Suposadly a child Evan's age should have a speeking vocab of 50 words! WHAT!!! ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!! THAT SEEMS CRAZY TO ME!!! I felt a little worried and guilty when I left with some extra information and a number to call. A number for a speech theropisit! WHAT!!! Is it really that bad!!!!

This morning I also had to take Evan for his 18 month check up to Dr Anderson. He was happy with his size, weight and head mesuaments. He asked if I had any concerns. I mentioned the talking and Capital Healths reaction. He simply shook his head, reasured me not to worry that much, not to call the speach theropist yet and gave me a plan. So for all of you coming into contact with Evan here is the plan. We have to repeat everything 3 times. If he hands us something for example his milk cup. We say "More Milk?" count to 5 in our heads, say "More Milk?" count to 5..."More Milk?" count to five...then give him more milk. All he's really doing the whole time your talking and counting is getting more and more upset, he gets down right mad! But I'll continue. For those of you who think I'm being lazy, you try it for one whole day and see how hard it really is. I dare you. Only imagin a fussey, crying, or screaming 18 month old at your feet, is he really listening?

Other then all that Earl's Granpa is again in the hospital. So it looks like a trip to Lethbridge is going to be coming sooner then we thought. Like maybe as soon as tomarrow. We are on alert to leave so I guess we'll see what happens.

Have a great day all.

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