Total Goal

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well I finally have good news!

I lost a total of 1.4 pounds!!! yippee! Finally the scale moved in the right direction!

I also got some results on my measurements this week with a total loss of 1.5 inches. My thigh and arm inches stayed the same, which is no surprise. But I lost .5 on my hip and a whole inch on my waist. I guess the jogging and poloties (I have no idea how to spell it) is starting to pay off.

On another weight loss note I've decided to change my goal weight. With all the muscle I've gained over the super months I'm pretty sure that another 55 pounds was an unreasonable amount of weight to lose. So I've cut it by 20 pounds to a total goal of weighing in at 170. I just don't believe my body will ever be smaller then 170-165, its just not possible at this point. Accordingly I've changed my mini goal to 10 pounds before my Trip to Cal on Dec 10th.

Feed back please. Am I going to easy on myself? Should I push myself harder? Should I be aiming for 160 or 165? You've seen me recently ladies so do I look like a weigh 195 pounds? A lady at work and Andrea where shocked that I weighed that much! They thought I looked like I am 170! Where they being nice? What to do, what to do?

I also have some news unrelated to my weight loss journey.

I'm going to Lethbridge on Friday. Earl's Grandpa has finally passed away...for sure this time. So that's where I'll be this weekend. Andrea already has the key to our house to care for the zoo of dogs, cat and fish.

Our snail infestation seems to be caring for itself at this point. About 12 of the 22 snails have been sucked up by the filter. They seem to let go of the glass as if to say "look mom no hands!" I can just hear all the other snails yelling don't do it man it's suicide. It truly is since they flout around the tank not able to do anything, then they get sucked up. I'm still doing a daily count to make sure the numbers aren't getting out of hand. But so far they are doing nothing bad except cleaning the rocks and glass, so I'll leave them until I notice something bad going on.

Well that's it for me today.
Please leave me some feed back on my weight goal. I'm lost. I know it's my battle and my choice, but I do need some advise. hint hint Jordanna and Leanne. Luv you ladies!


Annieann77 said...

First I would like to say ... Yahoo for loosing 1.4lbs!! That's super awesome!

And secondly, to be super honest with you I remember being 195 and I would say that I looked very similar to how you look now. I am also in the 170's too and think I look great - I think you would also look great at 170! My real goal is 165 but those last 10lbs are very hard to shed! I'm not trying too hard to get rid of them.

I say you need to be comfortable and if you are comfortable at 175 then so be it and if you get to 175 and think you could do 5 more then go for it. Personally I am happy at 171, I feel good, I think I look good, I can shop in regular stores, I don't feel too skinny - I feel like if I got sick at least I have a little bit of fat for my body to survive off of! ;) It's all a personal decision - where you want to be, You'll still be my bud! :) Hope that helps ?

Jordanna said...

I think you need to go to where you are comfortable, maybe get down to 170 and re-evaluate at that point, if you are happy there that's great, if you feel 5 more pounds would do the trick then go for it. Don't stress over the end # because that's not important, just get to where you feel you want to be and that's all you need to worry about.