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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tubb off Tues on WEd

Okay so I'm totally confused! I've gone down a whole jean size but the scale showed only 2.4 loss in the last 4 weeks! What the! Okay so I'm lifting alot of block at work so I must be gaining some muscle, but could that really account for a 10 pound loss (one size) only adding up to 3 or so pounds? I don't you?

Other then the weight loss part of things:

1. Having the whole basement is great! Evan gets so much more tuckered out since he's gained 2x's the square footage to run in. Which means an easier bed time for me, no fussing, nothin, I put him down and he's down for the count.

2. Both Earl and I are sick, with some kind of cold bug. I went to visit Jordanna for like 3 hours when she was sick. So either it came from her and I spread it, or maybe Evan had a bug last week and his stuffy nose was not teething but a cold, or Earl brought it home from work. Or maybe I pushed myself too much at work in the cold. I guess we'll never know. Regardless of where it came from having a toddler and being sick sucks!!!!

3. Our office is now down stairs in our newly painted room. (Darcey's old bedroom) which leaves the old office open for company and Josh to come and visit over night.

4. Uncle Ian is no longer coming this week which works out great since we are all sick anyway.

That's about it. Work, Evan, weight loss. Hoohum...Have a good Thursday ladies. Hey at least my show is on tonight! Yippee!!!!

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