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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Okay so we have a snail infestation!

We have a 30 gal tank and a 10 gal tank. The pet store guy suggested we get some starter fish for both tanks so we got some striped danos for the big tank and some tetras for the small tank. After about 2 days we noticed some tiny snails in the small tank, we where of course surprised! We eventually moved all the fish from the little tank to the big tank including the 3 mystery snails. They got sucked up by the bigger stronger filter in the big tank so we figured, oh well nothing lost, they where free snails anyway.

So yesterday I feed the fish and noticed more mystery snails crawling around on one of the plants. As I looked around and saw more, and yet more! A total of 22 tiny little snails! Crazy! So from 3 free snail we have now gained 22 free snails. So imagine for a second if you will that 3 snails makes 22 snails (from what I can see) so if 22 snails lay eggs or do what snails do we will end up with over 100 snails!!!! crazy!!!! We don't know what we are going to do. I don't want to kill the snails since they are living creatures, not to mention they are kinda cool. They're shells are chocolate brown with gold shinny spots. We do have the 10 gal to move some into if needed, but I'm a little nervous as to how many snails one tank can handle.

I'll keep you posted.

Since it's Tues I figured I would up date you on my battle of the bulge. I did weigh myself this morning and I'm still up from my lowest recorded weight. But down a little at 197.3. I've decided to start measuring and tracking inches as well as pounds since the scale isn't being very nice.

As I've explained I've been doing a lot of lifting at work which is adding to 0 lost or worse gaining on the scale. This is causing a discouraging feeling, which means "I don't care" which means I cheat, which causes even more discouraging results. Earl says I've been losing inches like crazy but I need to see some true numbers to feel like I'm getting some where. So here they are as embarrassing as it is:

Thigh - left 25/right 25 - great I'm even lol
Upper arm flab - left 14/right 14-even again
Hip (including bottom tire) - 45 inches
Waist (including top tire) - 42 inches

Well there it is in all its glory.

Tune in next week for the riveting continuation.

Have a good one ladies!

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Annieann77 said...

Snails are gross! I think if you don't get rid of them they can eat all the food and kill your fish? I think ? You should check with the pet store but personally I'm not a snail lover and I would say flush em'!

Congrats on your loss even if it's not your lowest and you numbers seem good - can't wait to see the change next week!

And as for below my dotted line .... I'll e-mail you on Facebook and explain! ;)