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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I can't believe how warm it is outside today! Since it was sooo warm Evan and I went for a romp in the field by our house. I can't wait till he's old enough that we can go to the park and play in the sand, swing on the swings together, rank up leaves and jump in, build snow men, and sooo much more. To be honest playing with him right now is rather boring. He just runs around and I follow. Not all that thrilling to be honest. I would love to find another mom to hang out with but even then I would still be chasing Evan so really there's almost no point. Again, I can't wait till we can actually play together.

More on the snail infestation. I was doing some research on the net and found some info on snails. Apparently snails are great to have in a fish tank. They clean it up like little vacuum cleaners. The 1 inch of fish per gal of water still applys so we'll have to watch that. We still have plenty of room in the tank so I'll just have to watch how big they get. Some of them may have to get moved to the 10 gal or just plain flushed.

I did my 20 x 2 min work out on Monday afternoon. I had forgotten how hard it was till yesterday and today. I can still barley move! I am planning on going on my treadmill tonight after Evan goes to bed. His napping schedule is out of whack lately, not to mention my treadmill is still in the living room up stairs with no TV, so in order to make it bearable I would have to put on my Ipod, which makes listening for him impossible. So Earl will just have to listen for him while I walk. Or maybe I'll go for a walk after dinner since it's so warm outside today.

Have a good one ladies.

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