Total Goal

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tubb of Tuesday

Well this sucks. 0.8 pounds this week. WTH! I was hoping for at least two. I got lazy I guess. I didn't do my 5 hours of treadmill/walking. Okay and I may have had more then the allotted 2 timmies this week.
So here I go again. I'm going to try harder, I'm going to exercise-since that seems to be making the difference. I'm going to stay away from the bloody evil timmies. Green tea instead. Or the new chi tea they have there now.
Well other then the very disappointing numbers on the scale, I got a phone call last night from Steph! Surprised the heck out of me, haven't heard hide nor hair from that girl in months. So I'm going out for coffee with her tonight. She must of esp or something, I was going to call her and invite her to Evan's b-day party. (I know I would have gotten crap if I didn't, she would have heard through the grape vine, not that I didn't want her there, I love to see her when ever I can.) So that's 2 outings for me this week. Tonight with Steph, Wed at Danna's, and it's a short week for Earl and there for a short we for little old me. He has Friday - Monday off! Yippee!!! Two sleep in days!!!
Timmies count 3
pounds off 0.8-booooo. grrrr. sigh....well that's life.
I only have one more thing to say. NutraFlatulence sucks!


Jordanna said...

Hey at least it's a loss and not a gain!! Sometimes you lose only a little one week and have a great loss the next ...don't even worry about it!

Annieann77 said...

I always noticed that I had 2 good weeks followed by one bad?! But it is still going in the right direction!! Every little ounce counts! ;) I'm also like you where if I want to see bigger numbers (like 1 1/2 -2lbs) I need to do at least 30min of excersize! Kinda sucks but that's when I get out of the house and have a little 'me' time.

Good job on your loss !! Keep up the good work! ;)