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Thursday, April 5, 2007


So I've had an eventful couple of days.
First I went out for coffee with Steph. Well she had coffee, I had green tea. We chatted from 8pm till past 10pm, and we could have talked for hours more!!! Then she came over to my house yesterday around noon, and left at 3:30!!! It was great to catch up. We talked about her family, my family, friends and how they are. It was great to talk to another mom. Since her kids are both in their teens she had so many insights and knowledge for me to prob.
After she left I realized how much I missed it. The conversation I mean. I'm so very lucky I have at least 4 girl friends and a husband that are well versed on the art of conversation. My sister in law for example has no clue on how to communicate! Being with her is like being with a wet mop! I say something and hit the ball into her court. She doesn't even try to hit the ball back! What has caused this lack in basic knowledge is unknown to me, what I do know is it sucks when I'm forced to hang out with her when there isn't anything to do. I just sit there like a bump on a log, yawning and getting more tired by the second. Thank goodness for Evan in this case, he's a good distraction.
I can get together with any one of you ladies and talk for hours, especially if given the right topic. Thank goodness. I enjoy a great conversation.
On the other side last night all hell broke loss in my life for about an hour. I don't want to get into it to much because there is just to much to type. Lets just say it came down to my husband telling my father that he's a drunk, and to do something about it! Earl basically told him that we don't want anything to do with him until he deals with his issues. Needless to say I was a little upset. There where other things that set off the name calling on both sides of the phone, so I wasn't mad at Earl I was scared that the rift would now be unbridgeable.
Anyway all is fine now, Earl called my father and patched things up for now. But my fathers drinking problem is getting worse and worse. He called my house pissed at 5:30pm!!!!! WTH!!!
Anyway I think we are all going to sit down and talk. I'm going to have to show some tough love and put it all on the table. "Make a choice, start helping yourself or I can't help you. I got a family of my own to worry about now, I have to be a good mom, so my son doesn't turn out to be a fucked up person like you."
I think that's all for me today. I look forward to some great conversations about this and many other things! I love you ladies with all my heart. What would I do with out you!

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Annieann77 said...

((HUGS)) :)

Time for an "Intervention" is it?? !! ;)

Good luck with your father, I don't really have any advice for you but I hope it goes well?! You know where we are if you need a shoulder! :)

Luv ya!