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Monday, April 23, 2007

i think i got the a job...

Well I went to my interview at Rona for the Green house position. I got all dressed up in my suit (which fits again thanks to NS and my hard work so far) I had my hair pulled up nice, make up on, I looked professional,classy, I looked great! Katrina was in jeans! lol.

She asked some basic questions. If I was okay lifting things? I said my kid weighs 29 pounds, lady I got python arms! She asked How do you work? blah, blah, blah. She took the info for the criminal check they have to do. I didn't have to take that stupid "If you found a quarter in a pay phone would you mail it to the phone company?" test. Which thank God! I hate those stupid juvenile tests that large companies give most of the time.

Anyway she was talking to me about what I would be making 11-12 an hour. She said that starting me at the 10 an hour would be a slap in my face. She talked about hours, and said she would call me by tomorrow at the latest.

So unless some other Denise with either Wood or Potter as a last name has stolen my identity and committed horrible crimes, I think I got the job.

Thank God the job search is over! Now for the training, getting to know ppl, the not knowing what I'm doing, that sucks even more then the job finding part. Oh well, that's life!

Evan has got a red bumpy rash on his face, I think it was the chickenpox shot, the info sheet says it could happen with in 22 days and if we can count over 50 poc marks to take him to the Doctor. I can only count 10 so we're good, but he's a grumpy monkey, it was a late night...I'm having a nap... and I'm not gonna feel bad about it!

So bye all!


Annieann77 said...

Poor little guy! :( Sorry to hear he's not feeling so good!

Glad to hear your job search was seemingly painless and now over! And it even sounds like a job you will really enjoy and not just a job you are settling for?!! You alway's enjoyed your garden ;)

Hope you have a good week!

Jordanna said...

Good luck on the job!!

Funny story - Tania didn't get a job at Rona cause she failed the personality test hee hee hee.

VegasGirl said...

Aww...poor Evan. For your sake and his I hope he feels better soon.

Congrats on the job!