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Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun Filled Weekend!

Hello Ladies!

I had a relatively busy weekend. Earl was home all week of course and his back was feeling great, so he got to work doing something we've wanted to do since we moved into our house. One of the main reasons we bought the house is because of a beautiful backyard and deck. Its a two teared deck but the top half had a big square hole for a hot tub. Since we have one kid with another one still wanted in a couple of years, a hot tub isn't going to happen, both for $ reasons and safety of course. So we decided last year to fill in the hole to make the top part of the deck usable space. Anyway to make a long story short-well okay shorter-my husband finished the project. As you can see from the picture above this was fate! One of the great things about this deck for me are 2 built in planter boxes. One of them had to be down sized to accommodate our canopy. When we took it apart we found the biggest wasps nest I have ever seen!!!! Good thing we got rid of it! The deck looks great and we built in the corner to make sure no more wasps are going to make a home of our deck.

Other then that thrill of the week, I got my new steel toed shoes from Walmart. They are girls ones. I was hoping there would be tan and pink- because that would be funny! But no such luck, so I got the tan and girly shade of blue ones instead. They where only $55 so I was happy.

I've also had a pretty active week, since the weather has been nice I've been able to get outside and walk and play with Evan! We've also finished our spring clean up. We have a house on a corner lot so we've got tons of lawn to take care. Maybe this year I'll ask Earl to show me how to use the lawnmower. I know, I know I'm such a girl! I've never mowed the lawn in my life. But it would be good exercise considering our front yard has a relatively steep slope. I'm feeling great! Hopefully the scale will show a little of it tomorrow.

On Sunday Leanne and I went to a NS lunch at Kelsy's. The ladies we meet there where soooo fun!!! Shelly and Sandy where a blast! Shelly even made loot Inside was among other girly items a home made key chain the says NSROCKS! Evan loves it!!! He also loves the pink Breast Cancer bracelet. I'm keeping an eye on him so he doesn't brake either one of them.

Well that's it for me today. Tune in tomorrow for Tubb of Tuesday and we can see if yard work and gardening are good for the body as well as the soul!

See you tomorrow!

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Annieann77 said...

WOW - that is a huge wasp nest! Good thing you caught it now!

I don't think I would ask how to use the mower or you might be stuck doing it every time!? ;) Let him do a little work around the yard!?

I also had jumbo fun at the lunch! It was a blast! :)