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Friday, April 20, 2007

I got a call!

Well yesterday not long after I finished posting, I finally got a call about a job. This is one of the ones I was rather excited about, but I wasn't to sure about the company. It was Rona calling, they posted an add for part time personal in the Lawn and Garden section of the west end store. I figured since I love flowers and gardening myself, and I have a little bit of knowledge on the topic this position might be fun. I could also learn more about what I love, not to mention the discount! So I emailed my resume yesterday morning. They must be hurtin for ppl since they called 3 hours later, either that or they liked my resume, but I think they just really need staff.
The message left by Catrina didn't sound great. She sounded a little drained. It made me think she didn't really like her job much. But I guess we will see.
I went over to Danna's last night for a brake from Evan and to watch Survivor (which was the best episode I've seen in 5 seasons, this one is getting really good.) I know that both Dustin and Jordanna both worked at Rona so I thought I'd scope out the situation and get their comments. Dustin is working there now while he's on spring brake up, he told me that there is some really nice ppl working in that section. Jordanna told me don't be a cashier since it sucks, so I'm going to stay away from that. So anyway I called back today and left a message on Catrina's answering machine. Hopefully she'll call me back soon. I just want to get the interview and stuff over with. I hate starting new jobs! It's so awkward and uncomfortable at first.
I'm still going to drop my resume off at the bridal house today on my way to get some blood taken. I have to get tested to see if I have the anti-body for chicken pox since I remember my mom saying my sis got them when I was under a year old, but I never showed any symptoms just a fever. The nurses just wanted to make sure since it's really dangerous to get chicken pox as an adult. At least its only 1 vile of blood this time, not the 5 like when I was preggers.
I think I'm doing super good this week on NS, I feel smaller, Leanne's old jeans are feeling looser. I'm really looking forward to the weigh in. I'm finding it really hard not the sneak a weigh in peak. I've resisted so far.
So that's it for me. Bye ladies


Annieann77 said...

LOL -- ok wierdo!? I translated whatever leo said and it's quite odd! ?! Whatever ....

Anyway ... I'm glad to hear you already got a phone call,that was super quick!!!

I'm also excited to hear how your weigh in goes! I snuck a peak in on my scale and I think I'm going to have a good weigh in next week too!

VegasGirl said...

heh...I was really wondering if you spoke spanish. =0) Congrats on the phone call! New jobs are so stressful that first week, but just think of the extra cash flow!

So...I had to do it. I tried to translate what Leo said using an online program Babelfish. Sounds like a person fighting for social reform (I'm thinking Leo is wanting equal rights for gay/lesbian people) I wonder why/how Leo chose here to post though.