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Monday, April 9, 2007

I found a tea for me

Yup that's right its yummy!
I've had it in my cupboard for a while now, and I tried it once. But I think I tried it with cream and sugar, and made it really weak. I like most of my tea weak, but this one, try it strong, just let the tea bag hang out in there while you drink it all up.
I've been really strong this week on the Timmies front. Earl has asked me at least 4 times over the weekend if I wanted a coffee, and I have resisted! Yah Me!
Evan's b-day was relatively uneventful, so was Easter in general come to think of it. We got up on his birthday and gave him a big hug. We went to for a drive and to Walmart where he got a mega blocks toy, and I got new cutlery!!! We really needed it. We bought a set that is rather modern looking, its nice and thick so I'm hoping that it will last a long time. After walmart we came home and had b-day cake with Earl's parents and Ave. It was okay but I'm really looking forward to Saturday. So far it's going to be a pretty full house.
Other then that we went over to Pat's house for dinner last night. It was fun and Evan got a real work out, they have way more space for him to run around. I took my Chia Meat Burger which I gotta say was pretty good. I also had some salad, and a piece of lemon cake. I don't think my weigh in is going to be great tomorrow, I haven't got on the treadmill or walked at all. So here's hopen I at least lost a little. I'll take anything right now.
Well, that's it for me today. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!


Annieann77 said...

I always like trying new teas (especially in the winter time) but I don't think I've tried that one yet.... gonna have to try it now!! ;)

Happy belated b-day to Evan!! I also can't wait for his party!! :)

I haven't been too good on the walking bit either, with my cold and all the Easter eatting I'm also not really expecting big numbers but every ounce counts right! ;)

Cory said...

I actually have some of that in my cabinet!!! I've just never actually tried it. I'll have to remember to fix a cup tonight. Thanks for the recommendation on it.