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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Evan the

Well I just finished giving Evan his lunch. I'm shocked at how much he's been eating latly. For b-fast he had, a whole package of instant oatmeal and a cup and a half of milk. For luch he ate about 3/4th cup of mac and cheese, half a small can of mandern orange peices and two raw baby carrots. To you that may not seem like much but for a little tummy that was a lot!!!!! I'm not looking forward to the mess it might make in his diaper, but I'm sooooo glad he eats.

I had talked to my sister not even 15 min before lunch time and she's having a hell of a time with Mannix. He'll only eat pancakes and yogart. He's smaller then Evan but you would think he should be eating more.

I'm so happy Evan is a good eater. He's a little picky at times but he at least trys everything I put in front of him. Thank goodness!

On another note I've been starting time outs. He actully throws things at me, hits me, and just all around pushes my buttons. Yesterday he walked up to me and slapped my clear across the face. There was a bit of a brack down on my part, I was shocked! Time out it was, he was crying I was shacking, he hasn't done it again since thank God. He's starting to figure out that time out isn't a game, it's no longer funny, so it's starting to work. Disiplining him is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Wish me luck!

That's it for me today ladies, have a good one!

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