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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday

We'll I'm back down to 191.4! That's at least where I was before X Mas. So I'll take it.

This morning I was so sick of sitting around watching Evan play so I decided to go out. I drove around for a couple of minutes then saw a sign for Servus Place here in St Albert. I remembered that they had an indoor play park so off we went. I was expecting to have to pay at least a couple of bucks to go in but it was free! We ran and played for about an hour, it was fun, but next time I'll have to bring provisions. An extra sippy cup, some snacks and a drink for me. He was so tired from all the running and playing he went down for his nap at 12:30! His choice! We had lunch when we got home and went down stairs. He had some milk grabbed his blanket and started up the stairs. I followed him of course, he went strait to his room, pulled his susie from the crib and popped it in. He pointed to the crib and said "uh". lol. Nap or sleep isn't part of his vocab yet. I'll definitely be going back to the indoor park on a regular bases. I'm super glade I went.

That's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

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Annieann77 said...

Congrats on your weight loss - I knew it wouldn't take you long to get back to where you were! :) The playroom thing sounds like Evan really enjoyed himself and it tuckered him out!! YAH