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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday

Well today is of course Tubb of Tues so I stepped on the scale. I was flabbergasted and a little disgusted. I noticed my jeans where feeling a little tighter so I knew something was up. I was right my weight was up 4 whole pounds! I now weigh in at 194.8....again. It took me forever to get over this hump before, now I have to get under it all over again. (I hope that made sense) I'm really trying not to be to hard on myself, I had a great holiday, full of yummy stuff and good times. But I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Starting today I'm back on track. I got Earl to pull out my treadmill again (it was put away to make room for guests during X Mas) I've also been sticking to my diet plan for the last few days. I'm looking forward to my first night back at work on Wed. I only have 2 days a week to work but hopefully they will be full of stuff to do. I know there is a lot of organizing and cleaning to be done. The organizing part sounds good to me, I like organizing things, the cleaning doesn't sound so good. Things usually pick up again in March, when all the Summer stuff starts flying through the door, along with all the customers. I can't wait till Spring, but I know we have 2 or 3 more months to go. I shredded pounds like crazy last year. Work is so much more "work" in the summer.

Earl and I have been talking more and more about having another baby. Well at least I've been thinking of it more and more for obvious reasons. I know I'm not emotionally ready yet for another one, I just feel like I want to get some control and communication started with Evan before I introduce a baby into the mix. My IUD is up in June this year. It's hard to believe 2.5 years can fly by that fast. I think we may try for another baby in the fall, that way I can get some great hours in at work and get closer to my goal weight.

I'm headed over to Jordanna's for a much needed visit tonight. You ladies always seem to lift my spirts. It's not just the weight, I'm having trouble getting back into a schedule I wasn't really happy with to begin with. Alone all day, Evan and me. Don't get me wrong I love my son with all my heart, but there is only so much you can do with a toddler, he still wants his own free play time, playing with him only lasted about 10 mins then he's off again doing his own thing. Some times just watching him is enough he does some of the funniest things now! Grown up kid things, my cheeks hurt from smiling, and I'm surprised by him every day.

Jordanna and I are going over our final plans for our show this Fri. I can't wait!!! I'm so looking forward to having a hobby again! Something to vent my creative juices. I find I get grumpy if I don't. I'm hoping it will help me with my battle of the bulge too. Hey, I can make cards and scrape book instead of eating snack after snack right? I'm also looking forward to seeing everyone. Steph is coming, she is such a good friend, but I don't get to see her very often anymore. Deb is coming as well, and I haven't had a chance to catch up with her since before Cal. Of course I'm also looking forward to getting together with you ladies, Jordanna and Leanne, it seems the three of us laugh so hard we cry every time we get together. I can't wait!!!!!!!!! So much to look forward too!!!!!!

Have a good Tues!

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Annieann77 said...

4lbs isn't too bad - it's a new year now and you totally have the right attitude, they will fall off again soon enough! ;)

I am also looking forward to Friday, it seems like forever since I've seen you and J!!

I think it would be exciting if you were to have another baby!! When your ready of course!! ;)

See you Friday!