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Monday, January 7, 2008

American Gladiators

Okay call me weird but I remember watching the original American Gladiators as a child. So I was rather looking forward to the new show which aired for the 1st time yesterday. We recorded the 2 hour premiere and just finished watching it. I was impressed with the set which replaced all the old mats with water and in some cases fire! My only beef with the show is...where is my eye candy!!! The boys get the pics above- the girls are HOT! But us ladies get an 80's looking Arnold Shwartineger with a bad toupee, a hairy, dirty Neanderthal and a Mohawk wearing freak! That's only three of them! Non of them are even remotely attractive to me. Its a good thing the show is still as entertaining as ever. Good for you NBC you may have another winner here. I know I'll continue to tune in, mostly for the nostalgic memories, oh and at least you got the Huckster, but you may want him to cut out using his signature "brother" thing to often. Honestly it's getting a little annoying. Sorry Hulk but I still luv ya!

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