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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday

Well I'm at 190.6 that's pretty good, it means I lost under a pound but I'll take it!

The only other exciting thing I got going on is a forced bathroom reno. Before we left to Cal we noticed a small drip in our downstairs bathroom. When we got home it was no longer a drip. It wasn't a stream but it was a faster drip that filled up the yogurt container we where using to catch the water. We also noticed we didn't have a lot of hot water or water pressure in the rest of the house. Earl did some research and we learned we had to replace the dip stick on our hot water tank. So Sunday was spent doing that and taring out the walls in the bathroom. We where shocked to find black mold! We have most of it cleaned out now. We will have to replace the leaking pluming for the shower, the shower itself, and revamp the entire bathroom because of the ceder! This sucks! We where going to start our reno's upstairs and work our way down. Now we have to start in the bathroom down here instead. This is going to take a bite out of the money we where going to use outside this year, which sucks. I really want to get my flower beds in this year, but getting the hazard of black mold out of our house is of course more important.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good Tues ladies!

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