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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday

Well I steped on the scale after a week or rather weekend of indulgence. I was expecting the worse! But I got an "okay" instead I'm up .3 for a total weight of 187.7 after the weekend of pizza one night, A & W with a milk shack, popcorn (more then I should have) and just general lazyness, I'll take a .3 gain, it's not that bad and I deserve it.

I have a few new Evan developments to report. He's still not talking much but his word used most often is UP. He uses it at the top of the stairs when I leave him down there to run up and get something, he uses it when he's in his crib and I'm still in bed, on the moniter I hear up, up, up over and over, louder and louder. It makes me giggle and I get up. He's sooo bossy!

His other new skill is pointing to his nose, eyes, mouth and ears. Guess all that reading and pointing game is paying off. If you say "Evan show me where your nose is." he points to the end of his nose, then moves his finger to his nostril and inserts and laughs! What a goober!

For some reason my spell check isn't working, so sorry about all the mistakes.

Well have a good one ladies!

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