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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday

Well I stepped on the scale this morning with high hopes, I was very disappointed. The scale says 189 pounds! Huh? that's up over 2 pounds! Oh well I'll live. I got to much else on my mind.

Yesterday all day I started getting pains in my tummy area. They feel like hunger pains only higher up under my boobs. They aren't all that painful really, there's a constant "I'm kind of okay with this" pain most of the time with a stab of"this really sucks" once in a while. Like I said it feels like hunger pains, my tummy growls, I eat something, but it doesn't go away. It's weird! It's annoying! If it continues after today I'll go see my Doc. I've never felt anything like it.

The other thing I got on my mind is all the work ahead of me at our house. Earl and I have come to the joint conclusion that our current house is a little small for our growing family. Like I've said before we are going to start trying for another baby in the fall. That puts Evan in the larger of 2 rooms upstairs, the new baby in Evan's old room, and Josh where? Not to mention we lose our guest bedroom for Evan, our downstairs room is housing our computers, so if we turn the computer room into our guest room (for Crystal and the kids, my uncle etc.) where do we put our computers? With even one small child we don't want our computers out in the living room, not to mention Earl's lack of organization in this room. So all in all we've decided that a new house is in our future (different not brand new-are you kidding me! $$$$/ no yard! no thanks!). Not now mind you, we will need to do some work to our current house in order to get top $. Our house was just appraised at 405 before xmas. A house in the size and number of bedrooms we want is 400 -500. So I think we are sitting pretty right now with only 210 mortgaged. But we'll see I'm hoping the market doesn't take a nose dive when we're ready to make the big move. I know we will have to update the kitchen, finish the bathroom down stairs, paint the basement, and give the house another dose of curb appeal. This will take money, and time, so our move probably won't be till at the soonest next year.

That's it for me today. Have a good one ladies.


Jordanna said...

Wow sounds like you guys have big plans!

Jordanna said...

...that pain sounds weird - make sure you get it checked out. Did you pull something at work?

Annieann77 said...

I wouldn't be too concerned about the slight gain, it'll come off again. I would definately get the pain checked out even if you do have to sit at the medicenter for hours! :( Better to be safe!?

Don't you just love owning a house!! Seems like the work never ends, there is always something to do!?

I believe we are free this weekend, Mike is going to be working on the basement for most of the day. What time were you thinking of stopping by? I do feel normal again so yes I think I can handle the excitment of visitors~? ;) Hope to see you soon!