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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sorry it's been a while

I know it's been a long time since my last post. Between Evan, work and visiting family I've been hopping. (no Easter pun intended)

Life has been relatively uneventful despite my busy schedule. Evan is a handfull, I'm finding it more hard to get time to myself. So I stay up late at night, he still gets up early, so I'm tired when I'm forced to get up with him, so of course I take a nap when he does, etc, etc. So that cycle runs over and over. I also stay up late with Earl, so we can get some time for us. It's hard, but it's working, so I'm not going to mess with it.
My Uncle Ian was here for a week for my Dad's 65th birthday. It was great to see him, I feel a link to him I can't explain in words. It's like I was meant to be his daughter. We have so much more in common then I have with my Dad. It's weird. It was a great visit, so great in fact that he's thinking of coming again in May for my big 30th.
On the weight loss front I gained back quite a bit. I weighed myself on my usual Tub off Tues and wasn't shocked to see 193. Oh well, that's life, I know the eating out, not eating much, then eating birthday cake was going to catch up to me. I'm back on track now with a fresh NS order in the cupboard. At least I'm trying to be back on track. I'll let you know how it goes. Work will be crazy again soon, which will help keep me active again. The bulk of my weight loss was from working last summer. I know it will come off a lot slower this year. But having a more active day should help, I'm so sick of being couped up in the house all day long, I can't wait to get out to the park with Evan. I can't wait to get our fence up in the yard so we can throw a ball around in security. I just can't wait till all the snow is gone, and everything is dry and unmuckie. I just can't wait!

Speaking of Evan. I had a mommy triumph this week with has been the high lite of my week so far. I've been teaching Evan to clean up his messes. I'm simply encouraging him to put one toy away before moving on to a new one. I started with the crayons, since I don't want them getting lost and showing up later on walls, fish tanks etc. Anyway, he was colouring on the floor while I was watching one of my TV programs. The next thing I knew he's walking across the floor with his tin of crayons and his paper pad, he was walking towards the bar which is where I store them when they're not in use! He put all his crayons back in the tin! He was putting his drawing stuff away with out being asked! Of course he got high praise for this, along with some BBQ chips. lol. He wanted some and at that point I wasn't going to say no. I don't believe in rewarding kids with treats, it makes me think "my kid's seems like a dog" but I cheered him on before the chips so I think it's okay.

That's about all for me. I'm goin to try to blog more often again. I miss it!


Jordanna said...

wow...a post LOL!

That's so cute about Evan putting away his colouring stuff....I can't wait until his birthday. I can't believe what a little man he is!

Sorry about Easter and not getting back to you, the family stayed and watched a movie...there would have been no place for you all to sit and lord knows we're not quiet when we visit!

Annieann77 said...

I miss your posts too!! :) Glad to see you are giving it a go again!? I can't wait to know what it's like to see that your kid is actually learining and that you are the one that taught him/her those things?! Must make you feel really good! :)