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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Side Affects

Side Affects to what you ask? My nasty side affects are from my husband! A side affect of being married to a computer geek!!!! Till now the other side affects haven't effected me to much. The fact that he's a hobby mechanic with junk cars in the driveway have only been eye sores. I can live with junk cars! But I can't live with out my TV!!!!

Here's the back round in a nut shell. As you both know we have a media center. Which is like the most expensive shaw box or Tevo (is that how you spell it?) but with more perks, we can down load pics and movies from the net and watch them on our TV instead of our computer screen. Anyway the X Box which was being used as an extender for the down stairs TV died. (the extender is like having a shaw box at each of your main TV's.) Earl being the computer geek he is, used this as an excuse to change everything!

The computer box that was upstairs in our room is now in the basement, a new small computer box is going to go upstairs in our bedroom to be used as an extender,...and there is a new server to control them all in the computer room. Wow, that seemed like a lot of typing. But there is still more! He also changed the program from a Microsoft product to a new program called Sage TV. I like the options, but its not working!!!

I got up this morning and booted up the TV. ( I know it sounds funny, it takes some extra time, nothing good comes to easy. lol.) I fed Evan his b-fast, and brought him down to watch his regular program Toopie and Binoo while I take a couple of minutes for myself. (go pee, brush my teeth, wash my face, have a smoke etc.) This show gives me a 20 minute window of full Evan quite time. I look forward to this every morning. It gives me a chance to wake up, get my bearings, plan my day. Today this lovely time was turned into a night mare! The TV wasn't working!!! OMG!!! Now what do I do!!!! I yelled, screamed, and almost had a nervous brake down! I know this seems a little melodramatic but please try to understand. I'm not completely techno alliterate, but I do not have any patients. I have this crazy belief that what I buy to do a certain job should just work! When I buy a pen I expect it to write! That's it's reason for being on this earth! GRRRRRR!!!! Anyway I played with it for over an hour then finally just called and left a nasty message for Earl, bagging him to just either make it work by the end of the week or I was going to throw it out the window and call shaw to get a the most expensive box!!!! I could tell he thought I was joking. Earl if you read this I'M NOT JOKING!!!!!!

So since the TV isn't working I was able to finally figure out how to play a DVD for Evan so I could go about my morning routine. I feel a little better now. A little. I'll stress the phrase "a little". I'm one of those crazy people who doesn't like it when the routine gets messed up. Now I know I'll be annoyed by every little thing that goes wrong. If the dogs don't come back in when I call the first time, I'll snap at them, if I walk into a toy and hurt my foot a little it will be a bigger deal in my mind. If a day starts out bad, it stays bad! At least in my world. I'm going to try and make it the best day I can, what I do know is if Evan doesn't go down for his nap, the cat may have to call 911. I will have a nervous brake down for sure!

Well that's my rant for the day, hope you ladies are having a better day then me. I hope your husband side affects are not to bad. Have a good one!

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Annieann77 said...

Sorry to hear about your luck with the tv!? Hopefully Evan will go for his nap! :)

Hang in there! ((HUGS))