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Monday, January 26, 2009

Just stuff

Well I had my first full 8 hour shift at work on Sat. I'm not going to lie I was quite tired when it was over. I haven't been on my feet all day for over 6 months after all. It was super busy, the day went fast but I felt a little frazzled at the end.

I'm officially over the worm picking up grossies. I had to pick up to many to count on Sat, so many that I can do it with out even thinking.

The one bad thing about working at a pet store is wanting all the pets there. I would have a golden retriever puppy right now if I thought I would have the time. I did however buy some fish. Small in comparison to a puppy so I thought it was a nice way to scratch the pet itch. We have room for 3 more fish in our tank downstairs so after that I'm going to have to turn to dog toys or something.

Since we have my discount we decided to put the dogs and cats on some food from there. We used to buy the top of the line food from the store because it was easier. Now since I'm working it would be nothing to pick up better food. Not to mention with the discount it ends up costing the same. So far, Sam loves the new food and Gandolf isn't sure. Kess is gobbling it up, but Jackson is not to sure. We had to get the lamb food for him, he's got weird digestion so he's always been a little finicky. We'll see how it goes.

On the diet front I'm calling this another trial week. I've had some cheats. We went to Leanne's for a party thing on Sat night, so there was cheating there. There was also cheating last night. We got chips to watch WWE pay per view, so there was some munching involved. Here's hopping it doesn't hurt me to bad. I'll take any kind of loss on Wed. I'll have to make up for it and be good for the rest of the week.

Well that's about all for me today.
Have a good week ladies.

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Jordanna said...

DON'T EVER CONVINCE YOURSELF TO GET ANOTHER DOG lol....big dogs are LOTS of work hee hee.

I'm so happy you're enjoying your new job; thanks for the help finding my dog food on Saturday!