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Friday, January 2, 2009


So it's Jan 2 and as I look back on the holiday season I can't complain.
Xmas eve was fun just Earls family to contend with. Earls mom seemed more relaxed then ever this year which is nice.
My favorit day was Xmas day of course. Watching Evan open his gifts in the morning was fun and I took to many pictures. Evan even shared one of his small gifts with Sam! It was super cute and funny of course. He's still not sure whats going on with this whole santa thing. He was a little distrote about the tree coming down today. I'm looking forward to next year when I can really use the power of Santa! Over the corse of the afternoon we just lounged around a bit. Evan had a nap and so did I. Of course my child alarm clock didn't wake me up in time. So it was a sleepy Evan that greeted my Dad, Glenyce and her daughter Gorgie at the door. I was half asleep to when I came down stairs. The dinner went off with out a problem. I loved meeting Gorgie she is so wonderful. I could see myself being friends with her! She fit right in and I heard from Glenyce that she had the best time at my house. One of the best Christmases she's had in a long time. That made me a little misty because I felt the same. My dad actually played with Evan on the floor before dinner! It was wonderful. All around I went to sleep that night with a happy feeling looking forward to the same next year. I'm really hoping that Gorgie will join us for more future holidays.
The rest of the week was a little cleaning, a lot of relaxing and a ton of munching. My fat jeans are now feeling tight. So on Monday I'm planning on jumping on the wee fit and watching what I'm eating. I'm going to try!!!!
New Years was fun and relaxing for the first time as a mom. We went over to Leanne's and despite the drunken whoha which I expected the night was rather enjoyable. There was a lot of kids there, so I didn't feel I had to watch Evan at every second or follow him around. There was all boys ranging in age from the oldest at about 5 or 6 to only 3 months old. There was 5 total all boys!!!! I knew that no mater where he went there was always an eye on him, the other parents there felt the same way. There's just a different comradery with a gathering of parents. You can converse knowing that there's always some one looking out for all the kids. I had a good time, I'm looking forward to next year!
So that's my recap, I'm planning on posting some more xmas pics on face book so if your curious take a look. Watch for Evan sharing his presant it's super cute!
Luv ya gals! I hope your season was as good as mine.

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